Links from inside the war...

2006.07.30 @ 9:10 : The israeli airforce raids on a shelter in Kana, south Lebanon. So far 55 civilians dead, including 27 children. This was obviously another Hizbollah training camp! I wonder what kind of excuse the european governments will find for this massacre.
Israel regrets hitting the shelter and claims they thought that the town was already evacuated...

2006.07.29 : Israel target another UN post near the border, 2 UN observers injured.
The pollution of the coastline reaches the syrian waters.

Syria is preparing its army for any possible development. The reserves are being called and ditches are dug along the borders.

2006.07.27 : The israeli navi bombarded the army barracks in Amchit - right next to my favorite beach. The attacks were repeated in the afternoon.
For the last days, the navi was pumping used up fuel oil onto the lebanese coast line, heavily polluting the water and the beaches. Here are a few pictures of the current situation.
All the hopes of some kind of resolution to come out of the conference in Rome were dissipated today. Israel still has green light to continue its efforts to dismantle Hizbollah - a mission which they don't seem to be able to accomplish.

The United Nations counsil demented the israeli attack on its post in the south of Lebanon, but failed in issuing an official resolution incriminating israel. Guest why!! Yes, the United States of G.W. Bush & Friends vetoed again and again - no surprise there.

Human rights watch published the following article on cluster bombs being used by the israeli forces...

The death toll in the lebanon exceeds 600 today...

The israeli airforce flew over areas bordering the Lebanon and Syria.

On the personal side, I sent the invitation to my parents with DHL and hope they'll be able to deliver it. It is said that they currently working through Syria. I hope that they'll get there by the end of the week...

2006.07.26 : The israeli airforce strikes on the UN post in the south of Lebanon. 4 UN observer killed... Maybe the were working for Hizbollah?!? 10 minutes after the air raid, the ambulance rushing over to look for survivors was also mistakenly targetted.... Job well done.

2006.07.25 : One day after Rice's visit! Nothing changed (for the better at least)
At around 12 noon the israeli navi stopped a french cargo ship bringing food and medical relief and forced it to turn around... a heroic war effort!

2006.07.24 : I returned to work today, but was somehow distracted the whole time. I was finally able to fax the governmental invitation to my parents. I can only hope that the german embassy in Beirut won't cause trouble due to the absence of the original document. It's currently impossible to mail anything to the lebanon!
In the worst case I'll have to mail the document to somebody in Syria and my parents will have to pick it up over there and go to the german embassy in Damascus (as long as Syria stays out of the war)
Meanwhile in lebanon... Things are getting steadily worse. The people cut off in the south are suffering more and more from shortages in nutritional and medical supplies and hospitals have no means of resupplying with their needs. The visit of Condi Rice resulted in absolutely nothing - just as expected. The clashes in the south don't seem to have a nearing end. The israeli ground force broke through the border at one point and advanced into a nearby village, but weren't able to go further. The are being faced by a fierce ground resistance, no longer solely by Hizbollah members. 2 Hizbollah fighters fell today, but taking 4 israeli soldiers and an Apache with them.
On the european front... absolutely nothing. The governments are however facing an ever increasing pressure by their parties and population; mostly in england. Germany (Mr. Merkel) is still playing stupid. Her party is unfortunately not much better :-)

2006.07.23 : My one and only vacation day! I overslept, ate at subway's and spent the afternoon at the lake. I really had to relax at least for one day before getting back to work - which will be tomorrow :-(

2006.07.22 : Israeli airraids take down transmission stations of 3 TV channels and GSM providers. Fears are arising of cutting of the people from the rest of the world. Ground lines are still working...
After my return to Germany, I found out with horror that the media is showing a strongly mutated version of the happenings in the lebanon :-(
If Europe doesn't actively interfere to end this war, my country is facing a certain destruction...

2006.07.19-21 : The evacuation
We gathered at the designated meeting point (in Biel, Beirut) at around 7 a.m. (on the 19th), only to find out that many hundreds of people had slept infront of the entrance! Due to the unexpected number of people and their barbaric behaviour (partly due to panic and stress), it took over 6 hours to get all the people into the center. After that we gathered inside the compound and waited again in line to get the boarding cards for the bus rides. The german embassy organized an altertive way out over Adana, Turkey. 4 Busses were sent to Adana and around 60 to Damascus.
We finally departed at around 19:00. Our first stop was after Tripoli, about 50 km from the syrian/lebanese border. After the short break we headed on to the border. While crossing the lebanese side of the border, an israeli air raid hit on Tripoli and caused mass panic. The lebanese border police temporarily closed the border, just after letting us through. We had to wait for about 90 min. in the nomansland to get our passports. It was already about 2 am (on the 20th) when we set on into syrian territory. We took a short break after crossing over. I had a coffee :-)
We moved on at about 3:30 and kept on going till about 5:30. Soon after that break, the bus drivers pulled over at a petrol station and announce that they were too tired to drive on. So we all disembarced our busses and were loaded onto another fleet of 4 busses. Soon after that we moved on. We reached the syrian-turkish border at around 9 in the morning. It took us about 2 hours to get through. We drove to the first town on the turkish side and stopped at a hotel, which was organized by the german embassy in Turkey. We were served breakfast and moved on to the airport in Adana. We reached Adana at around 3 in the afternoon and it took about 2 hours to get everyone organized. An Airbus A310 of the german airforce were prepared for boarding and launched at about 5:30. We reached the military terminal of the international airport of Kö,ln-Bonn. We were then taken to civilian arrival terminal by army busses (Y-tours!). After a lively reception by german tv channels (I hope I avoided all cameras), we each took his way home, ending a rather tiring but interesting 2 days on the road.
During these 2 days I formed a small group with 3 germans, who were working in the Lebanon. I first met Siegfried at about 10 o'clock, while waiting in line outside the meeting point at Biel. We smoked a cigarette and waited together for a while :-) After entering together, I met up with Dieter, who was waiting with some friends of his. They left however for syria, so he joined us in the bus to Turkey. While waiting in line again for the bus tickets, we met Karl. From that point on, we stuck together almost all the time. It was a funny fellowship. The kind that develops in hardship. When we reached Köln Siegfried was picked up by his wife and son and Karl took a train to Vienna. Dieter and I were destined to spend a few more hours together! We took the metro to the main station in Köln and waited there for half an hour for our train, the EuroNight to Vienna. Time for a beer!!
We bought a few more beers for the way and reached Würzburg at about 1:30 (on the 21st) and had to wait till 2:30 for the connecting train. That train was heading for Hamburg and reached Göttingen at about 6 in the morning. Dieter was picked up by his wife and brother-in-law. I drove on till Hannover. I got there at around 6:50, where I took another train to Hildesheim. I finally got there at around 7:45. Although I live only 2 km away from the train station, I was in no condition to walk with my bag, so I took a taxi home, took a large dump (building up for 2 days) and then enjoyed a long bath. I got back to town and got an invitation for my parents. I'm attempting to get them out of the country. The invite was prepared immediately, but the problem is getting it into the lebanon. With no port or airports, sending mail is close to impossible. I'll probably have to send it through syria. Now I can only sit at home and listen to internet streams of the lebanese radio channels...

2006.07.18 @ 12:30: I got a phone call from the german embassy informing me of evacuation plans for tomorrow
We shall be leaving by bus to Damascus. Hopefully things will work out fine
Israeli forces target 2 Ambulances on the their way to rescue the injured of an air raid on another army base. One ambulance escaped, the other didn't...
We can only hope that the European peoples understand what is really happening, and not what the zionist media (The likes of the daily mirror, the sun and the Bild) tries to spread

The capture of two border patrol soldiers in order to negotiate the release of several thousand captured (including many civilians) is not to be countered by destroying a country, bombing only civilians and residential areas and nullifying a country's infrastructure. And most certainly it is not to be proclaimed as an act of self defence against a race of savages, who by the way don't possess 1% of the military capability.
This is comparable with a 7-foot boxer being slapped by a child and then retaliating by smashing the child's face and complaining to everyone that the child seriously hurt him... what more could I say

2006.07.18 @ 01:00: Israeli airraid on army barraks (1.5 km from our home) leaves 15 soldiers (of the regular lebanese army) dead and many more wounded

Bush refuses suggesting a cease fire

2006.07.17 @ 17:00: In the first move of its kind, France sends its Prime Minister in support of the lebanese people
The german embassy still hasn't provided any information about the evacuation plans. One bus full of escapees from the south was sent to Syria

Israel refuses UN intermediation

2006.07.17 : Before the break of dawn israeli F-16's again raided the south of Lebanon
This time they hit a UN point and a hospital
During the day several families in the south were eliminated including a family of 10 and a family of 7

2006.07.16 @ 20:00: the israeli airforce starts bombing the bekaa valley. Mainly around the towns of Baalbek and Zahle

Israel starts firing prohibited phosphoric bombs upon civilians in the south
Zero reaction from the international press. The death toll exeeds 120

2006.07.16: After 3 days of merciless air raids, not one country has attempted to make an active move in ending the violence
Israel keeps on bombing civilian targets and the country's infrastructure. Most of the connecting bridges are damaged. All the south (which is currently suffering the most) is cut off of medical and nutritional supplies

The german embassy still hasn't provided us with any plans or ideas on how to leave the country! The say that we should be strong and wait. Maybe Angie will come and save us :-)

2006.07.15: BIG DAY :-)
My sister's wedding took place just as planned, inspite of the situation. It was kind of funny driving in the wedding convoy while F16's were firing Rockets 2.5 km away
I think the Israelis would be pissed to know that we were still able to enjoy the day :-D

2006.07.14: The Beirut Airport is completely decomitioned. The two other (inactive) airports were also put out of use, along with the ports of Tyr, Sidon and Beirut
The international roads to Syria were all bombed.
Continual bombing of the southern subarb of Beirut - Hizbollas main areas of influence.

2006.07.13 @ 05:00: The Israeli airforce bombs both runways of the airport and begins its assault against the Lebanon
Since then, the airforce has been bombing on a daily basis

2006.07.13 @ 04:00: After a 50 min. delay my plane finally arrives at the Beirut intl. Airport